Fashion Consultant Enrollment

Want to become a Fashion Consultant and sell JUNIEblake?


Become a Fashion Consultant

  • Work from home at your own pace. You set the hours and your schedule. It's as flexible, or busy as you want it.
  • No required monthly minimums!
  • 20-40% markup on retail sales.
  • Plus you have the option to make an extra percentage off of sales from team members underneath you with our bonus¬†plan.
  • New items arrive consistently.
  • Make new friends!
  • You have COMPLETE control of your inventory. You get to pick out the styles/colors you prefer and want to sell. You can also pick how many you want and in which available size you prefer. There are no surprises when you open your inventory box.
  • We offer a little something for all women. sizes 2T-XXXL are available. There is something for everyone to enjoy. You get to sell trendy items designed for women to feel confident and beautiful in.
  • Coming in on the ground floor! JUNIEblake is not oversaturated or overdone. There will always be a need for dresses and its JUNIEblake's job to serve that need.
  • Weekly trainings to help you start up and improve your business.
  • Only $20 to sign up!

Want to Know More?

Have more questions? Want to know more about enrolling to be a Consultant? Speak to a Consultant about their personal thoughts and experiences as a JUNIEblake Fashion Consultant.