Our Story

The owners of JUNIEblake consist of two sisters, Emma and Rachel as the designers and their mom and dad, Lynn and Wick.

Meet the Founders

We design dresses to flatter women of all shapes sizes and ages.

In 2010 we started a brick and mortar retail boutique called Sorellas in Arizona. We quickly realized that it was hard to purchase trendy dresses that we preferred to wear from wholesale vendors.

Emma came to the team with the idea to start our own dress line. Everyone was on board. We pushed forward to start our own clothing line of dresses tailored to our needs and wants.

JUNIEblake was created and launched in 2012. We had an amazing response from local customers and our JUNIEblake brand was a main selling point in our boutique every single day. We decided to expand and focus mainly on our dress line brand and close our brick and mortar boutique.

We are a family business and realize the importance of providing for our families. That's why we have opened up our dress line to Fashion Consultants to sell our product.




Rachel Peck


Rachel Peck

I've been married to Jason for 12 years! We have 4 kids that I love. I'm passionate about all things in the beauty and fashion industry. As a retired cosmetologist, I really love seeing the beauty in all things. My all-time favorite store is Sephora. Duh!


I'm a self-proclaimed food connoisseur. I love to eat at fancy and different restaurants, especially with my kids. It's fun to see them enjoy foods that most kids their age would never eat. I love to cook gourmet dishes at home!


I'm good at teasing. If I'm teasing you, it means I love you and we're at that level. I love when people tease me back.

Wick Lewis


Wick Lewis

I have lived most of my life in the Arizona desert! It's the family around me that keeps me here ... my family is the best ... kids and grandkids! And I love the Arizona sunshine so I can grow grass, flowers, and shade trees to enjoy the outdoors with my family.


I like to see things growing (especially grandkids)! Also, music lifts my spirits and has been another focus in my life. With the love of my life, Lynn, we share a bond through music. Life is good. I am very blessed!

Emma McBride


Emma McBride

Married to my husband Braden, we have the three quirkiest boys that keep us laughing. Someday I will get my girl, but for now, it's boots, chaps, and cowboy hats.


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love flowers. Especially if I get to plant them. Gardening is my go-to hobby and stress reliever and you will always find me in the gardening section at the store.


I have an addiction to chips and salsa. I'm beyond sentimental. I love ballet. I can't stand watching reality TV drama, but I am always up for a good murder mystery. I've worked retail for years and love helping people feel beautiful and confident in what they wear.

Lynn Lewis


Lynn Lewis

I am the wife of a sweet, thoughtful man and the mother of 6 wonderful children. I am a grandmother to 13 adorable grandchildren. I enjoy serving my family, friends, and church. My greatest joys come from being with my family.


I love music, reading a good book, watching a good Netflix movie late at night, puzzles, having my feet rubbed, and hearing "You're the best grandma ever!" I want to learn how to play the banjo before I die.

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