Modest Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

Add the perfect color to your wedding line ... with our line of bridesmaids dresses at an affordable price

Our Modest Styles As A Bridesmaid Dress

We have chosen a few of our styles that we think, along with many of our customers, work well as bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party.

This is an affordable option that not only gives you the style, color and elegance for your special day, but also gives your wedding party a dress that can be worn again for any occasion.

Consider mixing and matching alternate styles to add texture to your wedding line - such as our Amber Mint alongside the Kathryn Dress.

Our Instagram Users Show Us How They Dress Their Weddings

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Never would have thought to do both Becky dresses for bridesmaids, but now I can't get over it. Brings both dimension and color to a Summer wedding
A lovely bride with lovely bridesmaids
Our dresses are an affordable option for your wedding party
A bride and her wedding party