The Navy Becky Dress

Mar 26, 2015 5:18:25 AM
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How could Spring Break be over already?! Since I am not in school at the moment, I had two weeks of travel time, and it still flew by! I spent the first in England (more details to come), and the second in my beloved San Francisco! That place has an air of nostalgia, as if in another life I was a native of the Bay city, like my mom. But for a few days, I got to pretend like I was :) My great-auntie Trini, my mom, and I spent the days going to movies, ballet performances, shopping, eating out, and watching tv in Auntie Trini's big California king size bed. (Don't ask me how all three of our big Spanish behinds fit ;) ) Auntie Trini had a clothing company of her own in the 70's! Rosanis, Rag Doll was the name. We took a walk down memory lane and pulled out her old magazine clippings, drawings, and fabric samples. I made a few copies for myself, of course! And this gorgeous room we took photos in is the sun room in Auntie Trini's beautifully designed house that looks over the city. She has impeccable taste to say the least. It was no surprise that she loved the Becky dress when I pulled it out of the suitcase! The navy coloring is a neutral in terms of being able to match any color with it. Yellow and spring go hand in hand, so naturally I was drawn to throw pops of yellow in. The bell sleeves are my favorite perk of this dress! 

xo Anica


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